What to Expect

The church is located on County I off of County B, which is one of the main thoroughfares in the area. We are a short drive from Wisconsin Dells, Briggsville, Plainville and Easton. There is parking directly in front of our church, and a large lot directly across the street.

Our campus is two buildings. Inside the church is our sanctuary. Davis Corners looks and feels like a small country church and we have the hospitality you would expect in a small church. Our members and guests are usually busy visiting so we will let you know when it is time to begin our worship service. Following service we will bid our Pastor “goodbye” as he heads to the Dells campus and we finish visiting our friends and neighbors.

The second building is our fellowship hall where you will find us following service; except in the cold winter months. The hall is heated and has a full kitchen and large gathering area. The plumbing is not well insulated, so we close it in November and open it back up in the spring. Our bathrooms and a smaller gathering space are in the church, adjacent to the sanctuary. We use the smaller gathering space for fellowship and treats in the winter months.