Sunday Worship April 26, 2020

Despite our attempts at making certain the Livestream was functioning correctly, it still failed today. We will attempt to broadcast live again next week but we did record this week’s service and hope you are blessed in watching it.

Service for April 19th

We had a minor glitch in our service this week as our Livestream failed. Fortunately we also have a local recording and that can be viewed, and you can always view all our services at both live and afterward. We also have online giving available and our treasurers are still checking the mail for any offerings and letters you send to our churches.

Livestream March 29, 2020

Our second Facebook Livestream seems to have worked much better than the last one and we have added the words from the bulletin and hymnal. Hopefully you can hear much better this week and we will continue to look for ways to make improvements. We hope you find this useful and look forward to your feedback.


Stuck at home….

Now that we have entered our second week of restricted movement and gathering, most of us realize that this is going to take some time for life to return to a more expected routine. We will have to adapt our Christian practice and living until we can make the opportunity to meet and encourage one another in person. Until that time, we need to be diligent to read Scripture, pray, and talk with one another through the electronic and physical means available to us.

Remember, we are all feeling some isolation at this point and that all the news we hear is wearying for the soul.  Call one another.  I will be making calls to all the members of our congregations, but you also need to call one another to offer encouragement and a familiar connection for friends, family and neighbors.  You are not alone, and others need you to remind them that they are not alone.  Use email, phone calls, social media, cards and even letters.  We have more opportunities to stay connected than ever before so we have little excuse for not staying connected.

When you are out and about, you can observe “social distancing” and still talk with people.  Remember, as God’s people we offer comfort to those that are hurting – and that is most of us.  Be a bright spot.  Talk to people you don’t know.  Ask them if they are doing all right and if they have any concerns.  Let them know that you can pray for their concerns, and you can pray with them if they would like.  It doesn’t have to be fancy – a prayer to God to help you and your new friend would be more than enough.  Remind everyone you see that we are all stuck in this together.

Easter is coming!  Most of all, share that fact.  God redeems even situations like these.  This is the marvelous fact of redemption, that something that seems worthless or hopeless can be the source of tremendous promise.  Jesus was crucified.  He died and was buried.  That should have been the end, but instead it was just the beginning.  May God’s redemption do something amazing through you and I, even in this time of difficulty and suffering.

Livestream March 22, 2020

Our first Facebook Livestream seems to have worked reasonably well. We will try for continued improvements in the coming weeks as we figure out how our technology responds in the sanctuary. We hope you find this useful and look forward to your feedback.